Robotic equipment

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You freely define a format, establish the number of openings, and determine the material and application. We can realise any number of shapes and hole patterns for you.

Our cable protection products with Ex approval, designed especially for explosion hazard areas. Approval in accordance with the standards of IEC/EN 60079-0 and IEC/EN 60079-7, to meet the requirements of potentially explosive environments.

The optimum management of energy packages at industrial robots from axis 3 to axis 6.

The linear retraction system protects your energy package from damage and wear

The easy solution for managing the recirculation of energy packages.

Modular system for the quick and easy fixing of cables on small robots and cobots without the need for tools.

Highest possible protection rating with protective conduits developed especially for robotic equipment.

Suitable supports, guides and brackets for our cable protection conduits

Variable mounting options for the dresspack on your industrial robot

Perfected energy package protection against impact and friction wear in dynamic applications

Tools and essentials for the user