Type KDL-Jumbo cable entry system

The KDL-Jumbo cable entry system is used for inserting pre-assembled cables and corrugated conduits (EW & EWX corrugation). The KDL-Jumbo system is a fully splittable system that enables the quick and simple installation of 1 or 2 pre-assembled cables or corrugated conduits with a diameter of between 30 mm and 65 mm in control cabinets and terminal boxes. Particular benefits of the KDL-Jumbo noise attenuation liner:

Cable infeed without interruption

Very robust and completely splittable system

Integrated, permanent (captive) seal

High protection class IP65

Labelling with KSS 20x9 and KSS 10x8 labels

Integrated strain relief at the grommets

Fire classification V0 per UL94

Supply includes all mounting materials.

Labs free

-30°C – 100°C

Polyamide 6.6, PUR


IP 65

Further information

Type Order No. Colour for Ø mm No. Openings MOQ qty. Installation height mm A mm B mm a mm b mm c mm d mm e mm
Black 30 – 6511351101169090571017 Show Dimensions
Black 30 – 652135200116180901471017 Show Dimensions