Type KAF cable fixing plate

The cable fixing plate KAF is suitable for simultaneously holding and relieving the strain of cables in the control cabinet. Designed to be mounted on a standard 35 mm top-hat rail (EN 50022; Niedax 2934;2936) or on a C-rail (Niedax 2970;2971). Installation is a simple snap-in process.

Approved for railway technology (EN 45545-2)

Labs free

-40°C – 125°C

Polyamide 6.6


EU railway approval

Further information

Type Order No. Colour No. Cables MOQ qty. A mm B mm EH mm K mm L mm M mm a mm
Black 1111.5401113.5129.3 Show Dimensions
Black 5175401113.5129.363 Show Dimensions
Black 91139.5401113.5129.3127.8 Show Dimensions