Safe and clean corrugated conduit sectioning

The new m-cut corrugated conduit cutter makes it possible for Murrplastik Systemtechnik, Oppenweiler to adjust the lengths of cable protection conduits of diameters M40 / P36 or greater.

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Cutting off corrugated conduits with the cutter knives typically used is not always safe. Injuries are common. The new m-cut corrugated pipe cutter by Murrplastik makes handling the cuts 100% safe. The lower weight and suitability for right or left-handed personnel makes handling exceptionally easy. The sturdy blade, with double-sided edges is able to achieve clean and burr-free cutting edges on the conduit. The spring-loaded blade shield for covering the blade makes handling safe, when the corrugated pipe cutter is not in use. Replacing the blade is easy. Murrplastik offers the m-cut corrugated pipe cutter in five variants for corrugated pipes of M40 / P36 to NW 95.

Technically sophisticated professional quality "Made in Germany". 

The aluminium m-cut corrugated conduit cutter is equipped with a double-edged blade that can be replaced when necessary. Suitable replacement blades are also available at Murrplastik. A cable protection conduit is always cut on the crest of the corrugation and with a clean, smooth and burr-free cutting edge. The m-cut corrugated conduit cutter is compatible with almost every corrugated conduit manufacturer.

Easy and well designed operation.

Cutting to length can be completed within a few seconds. First open the corrugated pipe cutter and spread two arms of the corrugated pipe cutter apart. The cable protection conduit is inserted into the m-cut corrugated pipe cutter and the rib of the m-cut corrugated pipe cutter grabs at the first trough of the corrugated cable protection conduit. Then close the corrugated pipe cutter and secure with a metal locking mechanism. The blade cover automatically pushes upwards, which makes the blade cut into the crest of the corrugation. The corrugated conduit cutter is then twisted once around the corrugated conduit and thereby cuts off the desired section. 


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Data sheet m-cut
Data sheet m-cut